The sustainable starter-kit for Grav CMS with users heart.

No toolchains, no build system, no framework. Automated deployment using Github Actions, baked-in eCommerce with Snipcart, packed with common patterns and examples.


Filled with goodies

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Grav CMS

Modern, open source, flat-file CMS where performance is not just an afterthought, it's baked-in from the start.

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Modular Pages

Use existing or build new modular pages to allow for quick and versatile layouts.

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Grav natively support Markdown content, but you can use plain HTML or even a mix if you wish.



Built-in support for customizable taxonomies such as tags or categories to help organize your content.

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Multi-Language Support

Use your own native language, or support multiple different languages with ease.

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In Template Image Processing

Dynamic image manipulation to resize, crop, resample, effects and caching right in the templates.

No Design Restrictions

You don't have to feel trapped by your CMS, Grav imposes no limits on your creativity.

Twig Templating

Twig templating is best-in-class and provides powerful features along with great performance.

Asset Manager

A built-in Asset Manager allows powerful control over CSS and JS including compression and pipelining.

Github Actions

Automate deployments and Cloudflare purge with pre-configured workflows.

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Developer-first HTML/JavaScript shopping cart platform with all the templates you need to sell products in minutes.

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PWA & Service Worker

Give engaged users a mean to install your product for increased availability.

«100 lighthouse out of the box.»
«I hope you like it enough to give me money.»
Vincent Rouleau
«A wonderful starting point for most agency projects.»
Vincent Rouleau

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